Since 1972, Lincoln Sign Company has been crafting award winning signs for companies large and small. From hand carved wood signs to interior branding and architectural graphics, we pride ourselves on custom, quality, creative solutions that last.


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What we do

Logo Creation

A clean, professional logo is essential to create a memorable brand. Make sure it represents your company's vision and is designed in the correct file formats for any future print or digital reproduction.

Insightful Design

You work hard to make your company successful. Make sure your marketing materials and advertising efforts look great and help you stand out from your competition.

Market Analysis

Creating effective signage takes more than design skills and creativity. Sign creation requires thoughtful design choices, which are developed by insights gathered from analytics. We compile hard data that will help us make the decision that will best target your intended audience.


The last thing you need is a perfect sign, and no way to have it installed the right way. Let Lincoln Sign take care of that for you, and avoid the headache!

Excellence in Customer Service

We pride ourselves on our work and the loyal group of businesspeople we call our customers. With customers like you, the least we can do is show exemplary customer service. We're here to make sure you have the best customer experience possible.

Wood Crafting

We create signs of all types, but our favorite is wood working. We produce beautifully crafted wood signage for our customers all over the region. Have you seen the Woodward's Resort sign? Yeah, we did that.