Need a vacation?

Maui. Orlando. Los Angeles. New York City.

The White Mountains

All of these locations are built by what is known as "destination marketing". Businesses all over the world work together to create a brand for a location that brings travelers in. People don't choose a place to vacation based on one restaurant they might enjoy. They choose that destination because they know it has a lot to offer. For the northeast, this destination is the White Mountains.

When people come to stay in a destination, the next step is finding ways for visitors to own a piece of that destination. That way, they always come back knowing that this location is their home away from home. That's where concepts like fractional real estate come in.

We are a team of inbound marketing consultants who are experts in the fractional real estate industry. Our inbound focused campaigns bring in qualified leads that will stay in your resort as a guest, and come back a property owner. 



how can you benefit from it?

Fractional Real Estate

In fractional real estate, customers purchase a part of a specific room and receive a deed for that share. It's a long process, and a good relationship between sales teams and potential buyers can be maintained using CRM software. Ask us how we can help you set this up.


Inbound marketing allows people in the hospitality industry to create campaigns that their potential customers will enjoy. Reaching people through social media, emails, and blogs, are just a few ways to find the right customers.


Restaurants in destination locations can see a direct positive result from destination marketing campaigns being conducted within their region. Be a part of making your restaurant the first thing that visitors think about.


Local attractions are huge part of why visitors come to a destination. That being said, is an attraction without a strong marketing plan a good attraction at all? You decide.

Chamber of Commerce

The purpose of a chamber of commerce is to help their community flourish. There are unlimited positive results that come from a full inbound marketing strategy to turn a location into a destination. 

Parks and Recreation

The scenic white mountains are a huge part of why people travel to the northeast. Parks and recreation organizations can see an increase in funding, staff, and outdoorsy visitors with the implementation of destination marketing.