TotalScope Destination Marketing

TotalScope Destination Marketing.

A destination and tourism marketing division of LGA, TotalScope provides unique solutions for destination marketing organizations (DMO’s), chambers of commerce, hospitality businesses, and recreation attractions.

As the name implies, TotalScope takes a comprehensive look at each client, from large destinations to smaller family-operated tourism businesses and develops succint revenue generating marketing plans to achieve goals of increased visitation, increased length of stay, and increased tourist spending.

Because we are focused entirely on tourism, TotalScope is able to facilitate and leverage relationships between its clients through joint promotional advertising and promotion, increasing marketing value and reach. While working with a DMO, we also work with individual stakeholders in the destination to improve cohesive messaging, branding, and marketing effectiveness.

With innovative strategies and products, TotalScope is on the leading edge of Destination Marketing.  We help you raise money from outside sources to increase your tourism marketing budget, improve tourism marketing effectiveness, and ultimately bring more people to your area for longer, more profitable stays.

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