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LGA Media Group has been working with NLI Entertainment for years to develop and manage a fully inbound marketing strategy for their three amusement parks: Alpine Adventures, Candia Springs, and Whale's Tale. We provided NLI Entertainment with creative, branding, and strategic services that improved media presence, advertising, organic traffic ranking, and park branding. We also created and managed email marketing, web development, photography, video, print collateral, and PR campaigns for NLI Entertainment's three parks.

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Case Study Info

Client: NLI Entertainment
Date: September 2018
Industry: Attractions
URL: http://www.nh-fun.com/


NLI Entertainment
Whale's Tale Waterpark
LGA Media Group ran several photoshoots for Whale's Tale, Alpine Zipline, and Candia Springs to receive high quality photos for social media, the website, and print advertising.
Professional Photography
Whale's Tale Waterpark in Lincoln, NH
print collateral
LGA Media Group managed the design and print of maps, brochures, banners and more for NLI Entertainment
Print Collateral
Designed and Printed by LGA Media Group
candia springs

LGA Media Group worked with third party vendors to produce high quality video footage for commercials and social media. 


Commercials for Alpine, Candia, and Whale's Tale

LGA Media Group assisted NLI Entertainment's attractions in email marketing by sending subscribers newsletters and promotional emails.

Email Marketing
Newsletters and promotional emails
press release

LGA Media Group has written several press releases for Alpine Adventures, Candia Springs, and Whale's Tale.


Public Relations
Press releases and news stories
LGA Media Group wrote, optimized, and managed the ad spend for social media advertisement. 
Social Media Ads
NLI Entertainment's attractions three Facebook pages
branding packet
LGA Media Group worked with NLI Entertainment and their three attractions to develop a unique branding style for each park  to reach regional tourism and build a developed brand.
Logos, banners, graphics, web assets, etc.
LGA Media Group assisted in the design of all three NLI Entertainment websites.
Web Development
Pictured above: Website for Alpine Adventures
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