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 Chamber of Commerce for the Lincoln-Woodstock region

LGA Media Group has been working with the Western White Mountains Chamber of Commerce for years to develop a fully inbound marketing strategy with the goal of increasing social media presence, blog content, and event attendance. We provided the chamber with creative and strategic services that helped to increase online engagement and attendance for events such as the New England Brewfest and the Murder Mystery Weekend. LGA Media Group created a strategy for the chamber that included:

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Case Study Info

Client: Western White Mountains Chamber of Commerce
Date: September 2018
Industry: Destination
URL: http://www.westernwhitemtns.com/


chamber of commerce website
professional photography
LGA Media Group ran several photoshoots for WWMCC to receive high quality photos of local attractions for social media, the website, and the blog.
Professional Photography
Hobo Station in Lincoln, NH
print collateral
LGA Media Group managed the design and print of maps, brochures, banners and more for WWMCC and for chamber members.
Print Collateral
Designed and Printed by LGA Media Group
video camera

LGA Media Group worked with third party vendors to produce high quality video footage for commercials and social media. 


Go to WWMCC Facebook Page for Video
New England Brewfest

LGA Media Group assisted WWMCC in marketing chamber hosted events such as the New England Brewfest (pictured). Advertising efforts through social, print, and commercial ads.

Event Marketing
Advertising, social media, print, signage, etc.

LGA Media Group manages the blog content strategy, scheduling, writing, and publishing for WWMCC.


Content Creation
Western White Mountains Chamber of Commerce Blog
social media ads
LGA Media Group wrote, optimized, and managed the ad spend for social media advertisement. 
Social Media Ads
WWMCC's Facebook and other social media accounts
LGA Media Group worked with WWMCC to develop a branding style that matched the personality of the chamber as well as the Western White Mountains to reach target personas and build a developed brand. 
Banners, WWMCC logo, social posts, graphics, etc.
Is your destination in need of a strong marketing strategy?

Low tourism awareness, decreasing resort rentals and retail sales, poor ticket sales for chamber hosted events? We can create a personalized marketing strategy that meets your goals.