attract the right customers

Totalscope Marketing is an agency that whole heartedly believes in the inbound methodology. It's what drives all of our decision making for ourselves and our clients. That being said, working with Totalscope means using inbound marketing methods. 

What is Inbound Marketing?

Inbound marketing is a term coined by Brian Halligan, CEO of Hubspot. The very base of inbound comes from the idea that marketers shouldn't wait for potential customers to come to them. Using a proactive approach, marketing efforts are designed to draw more qualified customers into the funnel. Through campaigns developed with the intention of lead nurturing, we believe we can find the most relevant potential customers. Finding relevant potential customers increases conversion rates and dramatically improves sales. 

The inbound funnel helps marketers create content that is specific to the potential customer's stage within the buyer journey. No more generic content and email blasts. Inbound marketing brings back the personal touch that was lost in traditional marketing methods.




What we do

Email Marketing

Using inbound marketing, we can develop funnel targeted email marketing campaigns that your customers will be delighted to receive. Hubspot allows us to add in personalization token, calls to action, and personalized graphics to each email. We also have access to contant analytics and data that will prove your email's success.

Content Creation

Using our expert team of freelance writers, we can guarantee high quality content for our clients. Blogs, social copy, web copy, and email writing are just a few of the things our writers can do.

Ad Management

We negotiate the best deals for our clients and their advertising efforts. Social media ads, Google adwords, ad bidding, and post-ad analytics are all apart of this service. 


Search engine optimization is the way that your web visitors find you. Using keywords that are highly relevant will help your qualified leads come to you. We ensure that every piece of writing you put out into the internet is designed to bring people in, not turn them away.

Lead Nurturing

Lead nurturing is what helps push your potential customers down the funnel from subscriber to customer and brand evangelist. This is the process that builds a genuine relationship between you and your pontential customers.


Totalscope works with some of the best businesses in the White Mountains on quality inbound marketing campaigns. We are a certified Hubspot Partner, so we can also provide our clients with premium Customer Relationship Management and Marketing Automation software. Of all of the clients we've collaborated with, here are some of our favorite projects!