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A luxury real estate resort in Lincoln, NH

LGA Media Group has been working with the resort developers of RiverWalk Resort from its inception to develop a fully inbound marketing strategy for the fractional real estate resort. Since its grand opening in 2016, RiverWalk Resort has become a home away from home to thousands vacationing in the White Mountains. LGA Media Group created a strategy for the new resort that included:

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Case Study Info

Client: RiverWalk Resort
Date: September 2018
Industry: Resort / Real Estate


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solstice day spa
LGA Media Group ran several photoshoots for RiverWalk Resort to receive high quality photos of the on site spa, restaurant, and winery. We also took photos of the suites, amenities, and events hosted at Riverwalk.
Professional Photography
Solstice Day Spa at RiverWalk Resort
print collateral
LGA Media Group managed the design and print of gift cards, business cards, rack cards, and more for RiverWalk Resort.
Print Collateral
Designed and Printed by LGA Media Group
video camera

LGA Media Group worked with third party vendors to produce suite walkthroughs, the "Faces of RiverWalk" video series, and commercials. RiverWalk's Youtube.


Click Youtube link for RiverWalk Videos

LGA Media Group worked together with Tilson PR to facilitate advertising, public relations, news articles, etc. RiverWalk in the Press.

RiverWalk in the Media
news articles, blog posts, press releases, etc.

LGA Media Group manages the blog content strategy, scheduling, writing, and publishing for RiverWalk Resort. The Blog


Content Creation
RiverWalk Resort's Blog
LGA Media Group designed and created automated emails and workflows for RiverWalk Resort using Hubspot CRM.
Email Marketing
Email newsletters, automation, and lead generation.
LGA Media Group created and executed several advertising campaigns for RiverWalk Resort that included radio, print, TV, and digital. 
Radio, Print, TV, and Digital
social media
LGA Media Group created, managed, and published ads on Facebook in addition to managing the social ad spend for RiverWalk Resort.
Social Media Ads
Creation and management of social media ads
LGA Media Group developed the branding for RiverWalk Resort based off of the luxury resort's goals and company persona.
logo design, color scheme, digital and print templates, etc.
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