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The Guinness Book of World Records "World's Longest Candy Counter" 

Chutters was established in the late 1800s by original owner Frederick George Chutter, a congregational minister and prominent member of the Littleton community. Today, the locally beloved candy store has three locations and holds the record for world's longest candy counter. LGA Media Group has been working with the owner of Chutters to assist the candy store with a marketing strategy from a destination tourism perspective and using the inbound methodology. With these aspects, we were able to create a strategy that brought people to Littleton, and ultimately resulted in more sales for Chutters. Here's what we did to evolve their marketing efforts:

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Case Study Info

Client: Chutters
Date: November 2018
Industry: Retail


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LGA Media Group have facilitated photoshoots for Chutters to receive high quality photos of children and families at the store, inside the store, and storefront photos.
Professional Photography
Candy Counter in Littleton, NH
Chutters Decals
LGA Media Group managed the design of decals and various shop collateral for Chutters.
Decal and Design Collateral
Designed by LGA Media Group
chutters map design

LGA Media Group design and developed Chutters' brand new, interactive website including the web copy, logo design, navigation, and more. Check it out!


Web Development and Design
Chutters' Website
chutters blog content

LGA Media Group manages the blog content strategy, scheduling, writing, and publishing for Chutters. This blog focuses not just on all things candy, but it actually regularly posts about downtown Littleton as a local destination. The Blog


Content Creation
Chutter's Blog
email marketing for retail
LGA Media Group designed and created an email newsletter for Chutters using the Hubspot CRM.
Email Marketing
Email newsletters, automation, and lead generation.
LGA Media Group created, managed, and published social posts on Facebook for Chutters.
Social Media Management
scheduling and maintenance of social media
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